We leverage technology to create unique branding and digital solutions.


Make your business stand out with compelling design.

To achieve brand credibility, recognition and foster an amazing customer experience, the creative aspects of your business and online presence must be top-notch. FACET combines functional design with business goals. This ensures that our success-centric approach positions your brand above the competition.

Business Cards
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery
Event Promotions
Social Media Assets
Web to App Design


Strategic designed websites to achieve business goals. Mobile optimized and built to last.

When it comes to how your website functions, it’s a make-or-break proposition. Your users must feel comfortable interacting with your website and your content must be easily updatable.  That’s why we specialize in customized WordPress content management systems.

Strategic design to meet your goals and create a consistent brand
Ease-of-use content management system puts you in control
Easily updatable
Mobile and tablet optimized experience
Search engine optimized (SEO)


Online shopping built on a proven platform that is extensible and easy to use.

There is no mistaking that online shopping is one of the fastest growing industries. Maximize your store’s ability to achieve success and combine an extensible and easy to use platform with an effective online marketing strategy. Our experience in this realm takes the guesswork out of building a successful online platform for your products. We also can help you make a strategic plan of how you can grow and expand product offerings.

Woo Commerce
Custom Designed E-Commerce Solutions


From lead capture and sales funnels to email campaigns and Google Adwords, we get you better results online.

Your business is not static and your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be either. Once we have worked with you to develop your online strategy we continue to provide support to keep you ahead of the competition. Successful businesses today keep customers engaged and purposeful email plans are a the ‘missing employee’ of your sales team.

Marketing online is not what it used to be. Today it’s about aligning with your customer’s intent, providing abundant value, and building a relationship of trust. Combining our inbound marketing expertise with our optimised design and development services will have you fully dialed in for amazing results.

Industry & Competitive Analysis
Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Content Strategy & Planning
Print Strategy & Design
Email Marketing
Tracking & Reporting
Conversion Optimisation
Paid Search Optimisation (PPC)



We also offer full day and half day consulting sessions if you need some help in formulating the best plan.


Save yourself time/money/energy and let us gather a comprehensive report before you begin a RFP (request for proposal) process. At the end of our session you will have:

  • a detailed report of what you want to achieve

  • Clearly defined goals for performance

  • A blueprint

  • Framework requirements

This session cost can be applied to your full project cost if you continue the process with us. Alternatively you are free to take our report and all documents to a design company of your choosing.

Our Process


Ask & Expect

We’ll ask the right questions to uncover the truth about why you need a new website and exactly what it is you're trying to achieve.  The multi-faceted surface will be scratched. This will set the stage for everything we do together to make your project a success. Coffee will be poured, ‘Why?’ will be asked  -- at the end we will be crystal clear of how we can help you.


Mapping the Plan

With a firm understanding of the results you need, we get deep into the research phase of the project. The deliverable at this phase is a project blueprint that outlines the strategic roadmap and web design sitemap. This helps us get on the same page very quickly about how we will communicate and the best way to structure the information.

Here is an example of one that we have done for an earlier project.



Now instead of trying to tell you what we intend to - we show you. In the browser we will view how our solution will work. No attention to design at this stage, it ain't pretty, but it gets us close and we make sure there are no usability or content gaps.

Here's one prepared earlier.



Now it is time to have fun! We talk about color, swatches, gradients, and interactivity. This stage brings  your interactive prototype to life to match your brand identity.



There is a lot of geeky things happening here. Here we develop the approved design into a fully functional and responsive website. We make sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to your hosting server. We’re in close contact as we design and build your solution. We will tell you when to open your eyes.  

Here's the same website fully designed.


Delivery & Growth

With your new website launched, we execute the inbound marketing and lead capture strategies we outlined in the blueprint. With careful monitoring and ongoing optimisation, you’ll see increased traffic, leads, and sales.

We provide training and video support with the launch of your website. ALWAYS.



Long gone are the days of set and forget webpages.  We have care plans for all budgets to maintain and keep your website secure and running optimally.